Each day a multitude of predictions and forecasts are produced to inform or shape opinion in politics, economy, technology, sports, entertainment...

What are they saying? Should we listen?

PredictionsDB is a tool and service that helps navigate this world of predictions.


What is predicted to happen in a given topic next year?

PredictionsDB tracks selected predictions down from articles or other media, documents and systemises these by adding relevant attributes to each prediction (e.g. topic or region).


Which predictions were spot on, which failed? Who is most often right on any given topic? How far ahead are predictions usually more accurate?

PredictionsDB matches predictions with actual results as these are recorded, calculating an accuracy rating per predictor, topic and other variables.


Viewing predictions and results is interactive, browsable by different dimensions such as topic, region or year. Predictions accuracy is highlighted and visualised in a way that makes sense for particular case, e.g. using a world map.


PredictionsDB provides data in various forms – from one-off data transfer to web content hosting from our server that can be embedded in other websites e.g. in an iframe.

See it in action

European Council on Foreign Relations publishes annually in articles and podcasts its annual foreign policy predictions as well as recaps their previous year predictions.

PredictionsDB provides ECFR an online record of their annual foreign policy predictions, bringing these all together into one view. Each prediction is tagged with topics, year and countries or region involved, predictions are also visualised on an interactive map. PredictionsDB also provides overall statistics of predictions, including total accuracy ratio and accuracy per topic and per country/region.

Take a look: https://ecfr.eu/special/trendsandpredictions

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